Monday, June 3, 2013




ENTRY # ENTRY    NAME 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 POINTS
36 EL NIDO     of Dicky Lim L/143 W/195 W/66 W/116 W/19 W/31 W/42 W/38 7
    One entry only. First to garner 7 points at Fight #59. Won over ATV Farm Brololoy in Fight#25; over Sagupaan B59 in Fight#35; over Camsur Jared WRN in Fight#46 and over Blue Fever Longscore-1 in Fight#59. LAHAT NG 4 NA PANALO PINALAKPAKAN.
31 SAGUPAAN  B-50 of Patrick Antonio W/46 W/26 W/14 W/33 W/41 L/36 W/20 W/29 7
    Antonio fielded a total of 10 entries. 2nd to garner 7 points at Fight No. 63
22 L.B. CANDELARIA of Luding Boongaling W/162 L/113 W/107 W/69 W/25 W/54 W/19 W/30 7
    1 entry only. Earned his 7th point at Fight#60
44 AAO HITCOCK I of Gerry Ramos W/J W/63 W/58 D/15 W/40 W/20 W/37 L/26 6.5
    2 entries. Was already 6.5 poinst after Fight No. 36. Going for 7.5 and solo victory, it lost to Goldline Farm in Fight#66 
18 THUNDERBIRD - III STINGRAY of Nene Araneta W/164 L/131 W/99 D/114 W/5 W/2 W/8 W/13 6.5
    Was the top scorer in the 1st day of finals on June 1
47 PE  SAN PABLO - I of Pol Estreallado W/1 W/32 W/56 L/36 W/21 W/42 W/43 L/28 6
    Owned by Thunderbird Sabongnation endorser Pol Estellado. Going for 7th point & a share of the title, it lost to ADZA, Jr. in Fight #69.
48 TOSE-IKA-LR - Lito Roque/Gov. Eddie Bong Plaza W/38 W/56 W/57 W/8 W/43 W/51 L/40 D/27 6.5
    Going for 7th point & a share of the title, it drew to JunLip Boss Konsi MJ of Coun. Marvin Rillo in Fight#71
40 DRAGON IMPACT - Mayor Cito Alberto W/31 W/24 W/84 W/91 L/44 W/41 W/48 L/20 6
    Going for 7th point & a share of the title, it lost to Enzo Altavas - RC in Fight#70.
50 ANAC - IP of Mayor Jose Panganiban  W/49 W/64 L/37 W/15 W/34 W/32 L/52 W/24 6
    (2012 WSC-2 solo champion with Anton Aguilar)
20 ENZO ALTAVAS - RC W/51 W/77 W/53 W/57 L/44 L/31 W/37 W/40 6
26 GOLDLINE FARM L/121 W/152 W/72 W/67 W/21 W/24 L/27 W/44 6
52 IC-OC  ROOSTERVILLE  B-MEG L/70 W/62 W/25 W/24 L/35 W/23 W/39 W/50 6
27 JUNLIP  BOSS KONSI  MJ W/20 W/69 L/23 W/37 D/23 W/46 W/26 D/48 6
28 ADZA JR. W/127 W/138 L/90 W/76 L/49 D/53 W/29 W/47 5.5
37 BALAHURA PLAY MASTER W/104 W/147 W/70 W/80 D/39 L/44 L/20 W/34 5.5
53 PTM CHUCKATTACK  ROOSTERVILLE L/15 W/53 W/41 W/03 W/29 D/28 L/45 W/51 5.5
12 SWING 888 D/121 W/155 D/112 D/85 W/17 L/4 W/15 W/10 5.5
3 VERTICAL DUGS W/115 W/136 L/80 D/71 W/11 W/2 W/7 L/5 5.5
19 ATV FARM  BORLOLOY W/29 D/8 W/14 D/29 W/54 L/36 L/22 W/41 5
38 BLUE FEVER LONGSCORE - 1 W/116 W/159 L/87 W/114 L/30 W/34 W/46 L/36 5
25 BM AQUILA  LINQ  JP TR W/164 L/132 W/74 W/102 L/22 W/30 L/43 W/32 5
46 BM SKYLARKS W/82 L/34 W/20 W/27 W/33 L27 L/38 W/21 5
42 CAMSUR JARED WRN L/77 W/61 W/34 W/27 W/43 L/47 L/36 W/35 5
45 CAMSUR MTJ W/99 W/140 W/103 L/83 L/51 W/32 W/53 L/54 5
14 J & W @ RIAN . AUS W/59 L/16 W/13 D/55 W/4 W/9 D/16 L/5 5
51 LDI KRAKEN WINGS W/124 L/105 W/86 W/113 W/45 W/30 L/48 L/53 5
35 LUCBAN - I W/158 W/127 W/95 L97 W/52 L/32 W/49 L/42 5
49 MARAMING SALAMAT PO  ANAC-IP - PANALO W/2 L/49 W/46 W/61 W/28 L/33 L/35 W/39 5
11 RED COBRA ANTIQUE W/32 W/14 L/21 D/43 L/3 W/6 W/10 D/15 5
1 REDBULL L/145 W/108 L/63 W/101 W/16 W/8 L/6 W/J 5
33 SAGUPAAN  MITE FREE W/114 W/132 L/78 W/68 L/46 W/49 L/21 W/24 5
29 SAN JOSE SLASHER W/37 W/73 W/17 W/4 L/53 W/39 L/28 L/31 5
17 SMGF  FARM W/48 D/19 L/33 W/16 L/12 W/10 W/9 D/7 5
4 SUNDANCE W/125 W/103 W/71 L/95 L/14 W/12 W/2 L/9 5
13 SWING TM JR L/96 W/109 W/63 L87 W/7 W/J W/10 L/18 5

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