Wednesday, April 28, 2010


CARREO by Rolando S. Luzong
Peoples Tonight (April 24, 2010)


Finally, I was able to interview one victim of a modus operandi that have cause trouble to a big number of sabungeros in the past few months  who agreed to tell it all, but we will be keeping his name a secret for obvious reasons.

This guy received a barrage of text messages from an anonymous person who was praising and congratulating him for his championship wins. Then, at one point, the swindler would ask “Ano bang mga bloodline ang inilaban mo?”

Elated with his new fan, the about-to-be-victimized breeder texted back “Ah, mga Sweater ‘yan”

Then the criminal will messaged with “Wala ka bang Kelso?”.

Breeder : “Wala eh”

Swindler : “May mga Kelso ako na magagaling. Winning line ‘yun pero hindi ko maasikaso kasi andito ako sa abroad. Kung gusto mo ikaw na lang ang mag-breed tapos bigyan mo na lang ako ng share sa mga anak”.

Already interested and since the offer is free, the breeder said “Sige, subukan natin”

Then, here comes the sting…

Swindler : “Padalan mo na lang ng pamasahe ang tao ko para maipadala ang manok sa eroplano”…then gives a name and an address in Batangas.

Good thing, the breeder sent only P1,000.00 thru a money transfer company. When he texted the swindler that he already sent a thousand pesos and gave the control number, the swindler said it was not enough and was asking for more because the birds are in Batangas ang they have to hire a vehicle going to the airport.

After some assessment of the situation, the breeder decided to call the swindler, but the latter won’t answer the call.

Later, the breeder learned that one of his friends was duped to sending P15,000.00

Apparently, a lot have been victimized, because it is embarrassing to tell others that they have been a victim of their greediness, they choose to keep things to themselves only. Of course, who wants to be called “bobo”.

A lot of cockers have been victimized already, so be careful. Don’t get excited and think ten times before sending money to anyone.

Even during one of the meetings of the National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders, these things were discussed because apparently some of them have been victimized already.


I personally got a text from a number I don’t know. The message was “Oy, kumusta na kayo diyan. Na-PUK ang SIM ko kaya nagpalit ako, ito na bago kong number. Dumating na ba yung package na pinadala ko? Pag di ako nakareply paloadan mo muna ako ng P300…”

If one is greedy enough, even if he has no relatives abroad, he’ll scamper for P300.00 to send a load, thinking he has hit a jackpot. After loading, that’s it.

Now, you are asking what the criminals do with the thousands of pesos worth fo load that they are getting everyday from their swindling activities? I accidentally learned it myself.

One day I ran out of cell credits while I was walking on a busy street. I stopped by an electronic loading stall and asked for a P30.00 load, just so I can use my unlimited call again. When I reached out for my pocket to pay, he probably noticed that I have some money. The stall owner, a Muslim, said “Gustu mu, lod kita P150, bayad ka lang P100”. Now you know.

In the same manner that the stealing of roosters goes on because some of us keeps buying them, the swindling for cellphone load will not stop if we don’t stop buying stolen loads.

So, of someone offers you a bargain load, report him to the police.

Keep on fighting…

Monday, April 19, 2010


MITRA'S LEYTE LANDING!/album.php?aid=2047227&id=1179993001&ref=mf


CARREO by Rolando S. Luzong

Peoples Tonight (April 17, 2010)


There are fraternities, clubs, Rotaries, Lions, Masons, Jaycees, Knights of Columbus and so on and so forth. These are formally organized groups in which members are bound together either by their belief, their objectives or their mission or simply because of mutual understanding and cooperation.
In sabong, there are no initiations; no membership; no fees; no restrictions; no written code except the fact that a sabungero should be a gentleman that honours his commitments and obligations. He should maintain fairness and cheating as well as not paying a bet is a mortal sin.

However, despite the informality and loose set-up, sabungeros is strongly bound by their passion…cockfighting.
Cockers would readily support a candidate who “belongs” or who is an insider, without reservation. Sabungeros unconsciously make themselves members of a community and would usually vote as one for one of their own. Maybe, this was the reason why many sectors or individuals immediately growled in protest when we filed our application for the Alyansa Sabungero party list. They are afraid because they know that a party list of and for the sabungero would easiy gather enough votes to be entitled to three congressional seats.
The solid sabungero vote is the reason why a big majority of elected local leaders are cockers or gamefowl breeders, like Mayor Bobby Clemente of Paoay and Mayor Nalupta of Batac in Ilocos Norte; Mayor Jesry Palmares of Passi City; Mayor Cito Albereto of Virac, Catanduanes; Gov. Rio Salceda of Albay; Cong. Tony Kho of Masbate; Gov. Manny PiƱol of North Cotabato; Gov. Chungkee Uy of Compostella Valley; Cong. Claude Bautista of Davao; Vice Gov. Odie Fausto of Cagayan; Cong. Baham Mitra of Palawan (running for Governor); former Cong. Rudy Albano of Isabela; Sec. Ronnie Puno of DILG et al.
In fact, some non-cocker politicians entered the Sport to be able to woo in the cockers’ vote.
In the coming local and national elections, hundreds of candidates for local position and several national candidates are already assured of the patronage of sabungeros who numbers in the millions. With due advantage are senatorial candidates Ramon Mitra – son of the late House Speaker Monching Mitra who is regarded as one of the greatest Filipino cockers that ever lived. The name Mitra is simply synonymous to sabong. When a sabungero hear the name Mitra, instantly what comes to mind are the phenomenal Mitra 56 or the Mitra Blues or the parawakans, gamefowl strains who despite their lack in beauty are regarded as among the Royal Bloods of Philippine cockfighting.
Ramon Mitra III or simply Monmon, including his brother Baham were immersed in their father’s love for the fightingcock, from childhood. The old Mitra, never denied or hid his passion for sabong just to advance his political career. Instead, he openly displayed his love for cockfighting even during the time that he was running for the presidency. His pride for sabong is very obvious in campaign slogans such as Mitra, manok ng masa or Mitra ang Matibay.

“ A cock’s code of conduct”
Cock’s are well-disciplined lot, observing good and right conduct in the following manner :
Barring accidents, they do not peck at each other’s eyes even if they keep on fighting the whole day. This is sportsmanship on the part of the cocks. What about men?
A cock will never hit while the opponent is in the process of moving his bowels. Try to verify this fact
A cock will not relieve itself while being held in hand but the moment he is set down the ground he will do so at once. Good etiquette. After one or two hours of traveling, put him down in the ground and in a minute he will move his bowels and flap his wings for the needed relief and rest.
At the sight of the morsel of food or any kind of insect, he will call for the opposite sex to share it with her. Noble breed and gallantry. Men do this, too.
Birds communicate to each other any impending trouble and danger by a loud cackle and this signal is relayed to all of their kind in far surrounding places, in a natural spirit of mutual cooperation.
All birds sleep early at sundown but get easily awaken by the slightest noise, movement or sight. They comply to a strict discipline; so don’t disturb your ace fighter at night when preparing for an important fight.
excerpts from Angel Lansang’s COCKFIGHTING IN THE PHILIPPINES

Thursday, April 15, 2010


CARREO by Rolando S. Luzong

Peoples Tonight (April 14, 2010)


With my regular sorties to Tacloban over the last three months, as well as travels to Cagayan de Oro, Davao and now Iloilo, it is very obvious that the air transport industry is on a roll and business is really booming.

In my last take-off from Tacloban just this past Saturday, the long lines of passengers waiting to get their boarding passes were so much that they almost extended pass the airport doors. And the chance passengers hoping that listed passengers don’t show up were a lot more than the regular. There was this guy begging another passenger before him on the line, to give him the slot because he has an international flight to catch in Manila. Business is really gooooooodddddd.

But wait, why on earth is Philippine Airlines, with all the money coming in, came up with the most stupid income generating idea ever, to be able to add a few pesos more to their millions by SELLING THE EXIT ROW SEATS.

Yes…you read it right, PAL is asking for a fee of P300.00 if you want an EXIT ROW SEAT.

With my long legs and huge frame I would always ask for an EXIT ROW SEAT every time I line up for a boarding pass. And I see to it that I am at the airport much earlier than the others just to get that EXIT ROW SEAT because it is simply much more comfortable for me to seat there. The airline personnel would normally look at me first, to see if I’m capable enough to open the exit doors in case of emergency which is actually what is expected and is required of any person seating on an EXIT ROW SEAT. Almost always, if an EXIT ROW is available I will get it. Then inside the plane, the stewardess will explain to me that considering that I am seating in the EXIT ROW then I should be ready to lend a hand in case I will be asked to.

Nowadays, things have changed. When boarding a PAL plane and you ask for the EXIT ROW SEAT you will have to shell out P300.00 and because very few are willing to spend P300.00 more for a seat then the EXIT ROW SEATS are always left vacant. One time there was one passenger who has an excess P300.00 to spare and she got the EXIT ROW SEAT. She’s probably 65 years old, about 4 feet tall and definitely doesn’t look capable of opening the doors in case of emergency.

In my Manila-Iloilo flight last Sunday, I asked the stewardess if I can transfer to the all vacant EXIT ROW SEATS, she said no. I asked who will open the door in case of emergency she said they will decide on that when the time comes. I said, “don’t call me.”

Don’t laugh, I am not joking.



In one of our interviews last Monday in Iloilo, one balikbayan farm owner from Miami told us that the PETA people in the U.S. are running amok raiding rooster farms. One game farm raided wherein more than 100 cocks were euthanized was in New Jersey and the reason for the attack was that because the roosters being raised are intended to be shipped and fought in the Philippines.

Crazy is it not? But I am not surprised because I know how these animal rights wackos operate. They just have to continue advancing so their donors continue sending money.

Like what I wrote last Sunday, let us join hands to kick this PETA and HSUS people out of the Philippines. Don’t let them take away our sport and passion.

Don’t just raise and fight roosters. We also have an obligation to teach, orient and explain to non-cockers and the uninitiated what sabong is and the many good things derived from it.

And like the advice of my friend Speedy Gonzales of California, let us bring the whole family to the cockpit and make it a family affair just like watching the movies or going shopping.

Would you rather bring them to the cockpit or allow animal rights people to contaminate their minds that sabong is cruelty and it should be stopped.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the warm welcome accorded to us by the distinguished breeders of Panay Island that we visited for the Inilog portion of Tukaan. They are the Dela Pena Brothers of Guimaras; Charlie Lazzaraga of Barotac Nuevo, Jesry Palmares of Passi City; Ronald & Junior Labordo of Leganes; Atty. Jojo Lutero of Janiuay; Mike Tiu of Sta. Barbara; Biong Ong of San Jose, Antique with their champion breeders Gary Encarnacion, Jojo Fornier and Rommel Lazo. We also thank the breeders of Roxas City Marcu & Joel del Rosario as well as Boracay’s Rufo Sacapanio. And of course the kimd assistance of former Thunderbird Gamefowl Specialist for Iloilo Dra. Merlita Justalero.