Wednesday, April 28, 2010


CARREO by Rolando S. Luzong
Peoples Tonight (April 24, 2010)


Finally, I was able to interview one victim of a modus operandi that have cause trouble to a big number of sabungeros in the past few months  who agreed to tell it all, but we will be keeping his name a secret for obvious reasons.

This guy received a barrage of text messages from an anonymous person who was praising and congratulating him for his championship wins. Then, at one point, the swindler would ask “Ano bang mga bloodline ang inilaban mo?”

Elated with his new fan, the about-to-be-victimized breeder texted back “Ah, mga Sweater ‘yan”

Then the criminal will messaged with “Wala ka bang Kelso?”.

Breeder : “Wala eh”

Swindler : “May mga Kelso ako na magagaling. Winning line ‘yun pero hindi ko maasikaso kasi andito ako sa abroad. Kung gusto mo ikaw na lang ang mag-breed tapos bigyan mo na lang ako ng share sa mga anak”.

Already interested and since the offer is free, the breeder said “Sige, subukan natin”

Then, here comes the sting…

Swindler : “Padalan mo na lang ng pamasahe ang tao ko para maipadala ang manok sa eroplano”…then gives a name and an address in Batangas.

Good thing, the breeder sent only P1,000.00 thru a money transfer company. When he texted the swindler that he already sent a thousand pesos and gave the control number, the swindler said it was not enough and was asking for more because the birds are in Batangas ang they have to hire a vehicle going to the airport.

After some assessment of the situation, the breeder decided to call the swindler, but the latter won’t answer the call.

Later, the breeder learned that one of his friends was duped to sending P15,000.00

Apparently, a lot have been victimized, because it is embarrassing to tell others that they have been a victim of their greediness, they choose to keep things to themselves only. Of course, who wants to be called “bobo”.

A lot of cockers have been victimized already, so be careful. Don’t get excited and think ten times before sending money to anyone.

Even during one of the meetings of the National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders, these things were discussed because apparently some of them have been victimized already.


I personally got a text from a number I don’t know. The message was “Oy, kumusta na kayo diyan. Na-PUK ang SIM ko kaya nagpalit ako, ito na bago kong number. Dumating na ba yung package na pinadala ko? Pag di ako nakareply paloadan mo muna ako ng P300…”

If one is greedy enough, even if he has no relatives abroad, he’ll scamper for P300.00 to send a load, thinking he has hit a jackpot. After loading, that’s it.

Now, you are asking what the criminals do with the thousands of pesos worth fo load that they are getting everyday from their swindling activities? I accidentally learned it myself.

One day I ran out of cell credits while I was walking on a busy street. I stopped by an electronic loading stall and asked for a P30.00 load, just so I can use my unlimited call again. When I reached out for my pocket to pay, he probably noticed that I have some money. The stall owner, a Muslim, said “Gustu mu, lod kita P150, bayad ka lang P100”. Now you know.

In the same manner that the stealing of roosters goes on because some of us keeps buying them, the swindling for cellphone load will not stop if we don’t stop buying stolen loads.

So, of someone offers you a bargain load, report him to the police.

Keep on fighting…