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...At the “Rolligon Cockpit stadium” the atmosphere was akin to a race day at the “Mahalaxmi race-course” in Mumbai(India) with a fleet of expensive cars filling the entire “Parking Area”.

Akin to "Horse-racing", the sport of "COCKFIGHTING" attracts both, the wealthiest as well as the poorest sections of Filippino society including top Filippino politicians.In a "Cockpit stadium" like the "Rolligon Cockpit" a common Filippino can mingle and bet alongside some of the wealthiest and most powerful people of the Country, the sport being a great leveller of the classes.Entrance tickets to the stadium were 200 pesos(Rs 248 approx) for ordinary seats and 500 pesos(Rs 620) for “Ringside seats”.

happened to meet a certain Mr Rolando.S.Luzong, the manager of the Rolligon Cockpit who allowed me to photograph the “cock-pens” and also the “Cock weighing room” where the “Fighter Cocks” are weighed to get evenly matched contestants.Later, thanks to the "Internet" i realised that the ordinary and simple looking Mr Rolando.S.Luzong is a pillar of the journalist World of "Cockfighting" in the Philippines and a iam attaching his credentials downloaded from his website.

For the love of sabong : Rolando Luzong was a former managing editor of Totoy de la Cruz's Pinoy Sabungero Magasin; editor of Philippine Cockfights Newsmag of Atty. Clem Abundo; served as Roligon Mega Cockpit PR Manager for four years & General Manager for 6 years (1991-2001); publisher of Karambola Magazine; host of Karambola sa Ere radio program with Princess Naldo; was part of the group that conceptualized and launched - the most popular cockfighting website in the internet; conceptualized and started; conceptualized and edited Larga tabloid and a contributor in various cockfighting magazines. Lando was the first to invest in Emoy Gorgonia's Tukaan - the first sabong tv program and also in 2006 conceptualized and started the cockfights tele-magazine program Hataw Pinoy. He is currently a regular contributor to Manila Bulletin's Animal Scene Magazine with 45,000 circulation; a Consultant for Thunderbird Power Feeds & Thunderbird Power Vet; editor of the Thunderbird Gamefowl Journal and PR man for Araneta Coliseum's cockfighting events. He is actively involve in community service projects thru the civic group Tambay Kay Epoy Association which he founded ( for which he was awarded by the Beta Sigma Faternity. "All for the glory of GOD" .

Now i realise the complimentary
"THUNDERBIRD T-SHIRT" personally given to me by Mr Rolando.S.Luzong is a real authentic memento from a giant journalist and patron of the legalised sport of "Cockfighting" in the Philippines.

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