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2010 World Slasher Cup Entries Continue to Build Up

2010 World Slasher Cup Entries

Continue to Build Up

The number of participants to the 2010 World Slasher Cup 8-Cock Invitational Derby continue to rise as more request for cockhouse reservations are received which points to a dizzying 260 up to a possible 280 competitors that will fight for the highest and most prestigious cockfighting title in the planet.

Cocking sensation Sonny Lagon of the Blue Blade has confirmed he is fielding a total of four entries and will be pitting a full show of his much talked-about Swites (Sweater-White) in one entry. Lagon recently bagged the Laguna Gamefowl Breeders Association’s 2009 Breeder of the Year title, which he shared with Pol Estellado. Both have their farms in San Pablo City.

Now on its 47th year, the January 2010 edition of the “Olympics of Cockfighting” on January 18, 19, 20, 22 & 23 at the Araneta Coliseum, hosted by the Pintakasi of Champions and co-presented by Thunderbird Ganador Max.

Meanwhile, defending champion Marcel Julao revealed in an interview that he is putting in two entries composed of his winning battlecrosses of Sweater-Lemons; McLean/Lemon-Sweater Kelso; Kabayo Hatch/Lemon and Grey/Lemon aces.

Asked about his chances of pulling a back-to-back championship finish, Julao said “it will be hard, but I’m hoping for that”. “That will be something”, he added.

The last time the World Slasher Cup was won twice in a row was in 2000 when highly-respected cocker Peping Ricafort wityh his PTK Yucatan entry bagged first the January 2000 title, then came up with a repeat in June of the same year.

Gengen Arayata of Cavite won his first Slasher in January 2007 with his Super Clyde & KC entry and his second in January of 2008 with his bet Super Clyde & YCE II.

The powerhouse cast of foreign contingent is led by the Hanwaian-Guam Group of Joe Tavares who is reported to be fielding six entries. The visitors also James Campbell of Osage Game Farm, Clarence Perkins of Kentucky, Hawaian entry Lahaina Boys led by Kali Casco; Jeff Hudspeth from Ronda, North Carolina; Bill McNutt, Joe Wolcott, Bruce Barnette, Wilbert LeBlanc & Richard Harris of Louisiana, Roger Roberts of Georgia, Brad Padgette of Oregon, Damon Yorkman of Kentucky, Brian Corkren of Alabama & Kiana Borovies of Hawaii, Mike Formosa of Hawaii,, Jorge "Goy" Goitia of California, Arthur Rhodes of Tenessee and Ray Alexander of Alabama.

For more details, please contact Boy San Pedro or Dong Lamoste at 911-2928 or 911-3101 loc. 8361 or 8351 or log on to and

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