Sunday, May 17, 2009


The recently concluded Thunderbird Bexan XP-sponsored World Slasher Cup 8-Cock International Derby again lived up to its billing as the toughest competition of fightingcock in the world with the action going down the wire and “the champion left undecided until after the last fight” as promised by host Nene Araneta who also made the declaration before the start of last Saturday’s finals that “It’s not over till it’s over”.

Early during the championship, the 5 out of 6 undefeated entries all suffered a loss or two with only the entry of cousins Gerry Escalona and Patrick Puno (Dominator Mapalad) scoring wins in their first two matches placing them in a position as the only bet that could win the championship with a probable perfect 8-0 score, but its seventh match ended with heartbreaking upset losing to James Uy’s JU Diego Yari Ka in Fight #40. After this, it was clear that a total of 7 points was enough for any entry to win the championship.

3-pointer RAMMS ONIPAA of American Mike Formosa, Butch Cabral & Rey Flores ruled over its first three opponents, but failed to earn its 7th point after vowing to German Thomas Mischkus’ Alexis Farm Germany in Fight #47.

In Fight #50 Dominator Mapalad going for its 7th point and the championship lost to Sec. Ronnie Puno’s Wildwing Sundance-2.

Wildwing Sundance-2 , a 3-pointer, was successful in its first three assignment but failed to get its 7th point when it yielded to MTJ RSM Flash Bomba in Fight#57. That win gave MTJ RSM Flash Bomba of Marcel Julao a total of 6.5 points. Julao, who began his championship finals campaign with 3-1 win-loss slate, earlier won its first two matches then drew his 3rd fight.

Karamba Ralph of Remy Medrano, also sporting a 3-1 win-loss card annihilated his 1st, 2nd & 3rd opponent, then in Fight#58 gave in to entry Erwin of Nene Araneta in its last match eclipsing his bid for a 7th point.

JPA Legal Eagles AKI of Atty. H. Cappuchino also undefeated after the semis won over AS JU Alashi; lost to MTJ RSM Flash Bomba; defeated Hawaiian Cigar San Lorenzo; then, in Fight#59 - its deciding match, vowed to Patrick Antonio’s Sagupaan Winning Line.

Unscathed entry Chicka Babe Balasa Max of Thunderbird Power Feeds endorser Dr. Boy Tuazon, had 5.5 poinst after a win, a draw and a loss. It could have equaled MTJ RMS Flash Bomba’s 6.5 points, but lost to Nine Dragon in Fight#62.

Thunderbird’s top endorser Sonny Lagon’s undefeated Super Dave San Lorenzo (with Kenneth Cigar & Son) ruled over Patrick Antonio’s Sagupaan; lost to AS JU Alashi and defeated Thunderbird Winning Team-mate Dr. Boy Tuazon. Then in Fight #66, again, going for the title suffered a big upset handed by Romy SaldaƱa’s Sebastian Solid.

The last 7-point-hopeful was AS JU Alashi of Allan Siaco & James Uy. It first lost to JPA Legal Eagles Aki (Atty. H. Capuchino); won over Super Dave San Lorenzo and Nine Dragon, then. As the last fight of the finals (Fight#68) on possible championship fight, suffered a sorry loss to Jun Topacio’s JT Emerald.

In the end, MTJ RSM Flash Bomba’s 6.5 points was enough to win the championship. Owner Marcel Julao is a regular participant and a perennial top finisher of the World Slasher Cup for the past five years maintains a farm in Lipa City. He conditions his rooster and ties the knife too.

“It took 16 years (31 stagings of the Word Slasher Cup) for a 6.5 pointer to win solo (Peping Ricafort with his PTK Country Road entry did it first in 1993)”, Nene Araneta proudly announced as he reiterates how tough it is to win a World Slasher Cup.

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