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CARREO by Rolando S. Luzong
Peoples Tonight (September 18, 2010)


In derby promotions, there are two kinds of prizes, the guaranteed cash prize or the open cash prize which some enterprising promoters also call “WIN AS MUCH AS…”.

For those who compete in cock or stag derbies, you must take note that when the poster or invitation says CASH PRIZE or OPEN CASH PRIZE or WIN AS MUCH AS, the total prize is only the total pot or the total entry fees that will be paid or will be collected from the participants minus the 10% plazada. If, for example, a total of 50 entries join a derby in which the entry fee is P11,000, the total prize pot is P550,000 minus P55,000, equals P495,000. The ‘open cash prize’ format is employed by derby promoters who don’t want to take the risk for not having to shell out their own money considering that the participants will only be fighting for the accumulated entry fees. However, the downside of this format is, usually, those that join are only close friend of the derby host or cockers who also have their own forthcoming promotions.

On the other hand, derbies with GUARANTEED CASH PRIZES are obliged to give the guaranteed cash prize that they promise, even if the total collected entry fees do not add up to the amount of the guaranteed cash prize. GUARANTEED CASH PRIZE derbies are definitely more attractive compared to the other derby prize formats. However, this type of promotions works both ways. If there are not enough participants, then the host must spend his own money to reach the prize purse. This was displayed during the recently concluded 2010 Stagfest 5-Stag Derby at Roligon Mega Cockpit wherein more the total entry fees collected from the participants only totaled to around P1,000,000, when the actual guranteed cash prize is P1.5 million. Despite this, the Roligon management delivered its promise and gave out total guaranteed cash prize.

GUARANTEED CASH PRIZE-derbies can also be advantageous when there is a big excess of entries. If, for example, the GUARANTEED CASH PRIZE is P2 million and the entry fee is P11,000, then P250 entries joined, the total entry fee that can be collected is P2,750,000. Deduct 10% (P275,000) from this and the total prize to be distributed will be P2,475,000.

For the annual Bakbakan National Stag Derby, the GUARANTEED CASH PRIZE takes a new form. Like, for its forthcoming 2010 edition, the guaranteed cash prize is P35,000,000 with the entry fee pegged at P15,000. The invitation and poster state : In excess of the guaranteed cash prize, less 10% plazada, the difference will be distributed as follows : 50% member association; 25% charity; 25% NFGB.

Whatever the outcome is, a derby with a GUARANTEED CASH PRIZE must and should give the guaranteed cash prize. To do otherwise, is a mortal sin in sabong ethics.


Basilan’s pride Ronald Barandino is now an unstoppable raging bull with two championship finishes in two consecutive days, capturing the solo victory in the San Coliseum’s Anniversary 6-Stag Derby last Wednesday, September 15 and then last Thursday at Roligon Mega Cockpit when he scored 5 perfect points to share the honors with Metro Manila Gamefowl Breeders Association’s Director Joey Hidalgo from Marinduque.

I had the opportunity to visit Barandino in Basilan some 11 years ago and it was a trip that I keep reminiscing up to this day. It was both exciting and educational. We went swimming in the pristine Malamawi beach with only our briefs on. The cleanliness of the water is proven by the small fishes that gave us a clean up treatment while we were bathing.

Congratulations Ronald.


The first time I visited Joey Hidalgo’s breeding farm in Marinduque about two months ago, I have opined that he will be going places with his roosters. The farm is situated in a hill with lots of coconut trees is kept cool and clean throughout the year. At the back of the cording area is an untouched vegetation that provides a good ranging area for his cockerels and gives the young chicken their natural survival training that contributes so much in their developments as pit warriors.

During last July’s Hatawan he scored a respectable 3-win-1-loss record, then last Thursday a perfect 5-0 slate with his stags adjudged by the crowd as among the best performers in the derby.

Congratualations Joey, I hope to go with you again to Marinduque in October.

CONDOLENCE to my pinakamalapit na kaibigan Princess Naldo whose long time partner Tim passed away recently. I grieved too my friend.

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