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CARREO by Rolando S. Luzong

Peoples Tonight (Saturday - February 27, 2010)



No one is talking because it could be embarrassing, but considering the number of victims, the modus operandi of a certain Nelson Tee or Nelson Ty should be brought to the fore, lest he wreaks additional havoc to the Sport that is filled with people that are predominantly friendly and passive.

Apparently, a sweet-tounged professional swindler who is, based on my own investigations ishould ba a cocker, especially if you will consider the extent of his knowledge about cockfighting such as the top cockers and breeders, the presidents of breeders' associations, the gamefowl bloodlines and the likes. We all know that for one to engage in chicken talks, he should be an insider or an active cocker.

The name Nelson Tee is actually said to belong to an officer of the Bulacan Gamefowl Breeders Association and it is still a puzzle why the swindler chose to make use of the poor guy’s name.

Most of the personalities that were victimized or were almost duped were said to be of those individuals whose names and telephone numbers appeared in the invitations and posters of the 2009 Bakbakan 10-Stag National Derby.

The swindler calls or text a target victim, befriends the prospect, talks a lot about sabong, drops names until he gets the victims trust. Later, he will tell stories like he has a lot of imported birds which he could swap for other bloodlines or sell at discounted prices.

According to my sources, a number of those victimized shelled out anywhere from P3,000 to P15,000 each or have let go of highly-prized gamebirds. Another popular breeder who is known for his kindness was convinced to accomodate a P55,000 bet (sama) on his rooster by the swindler. The sad part is that the rooster lost and the trusting breeder who is not known for betting big had to shell out P55,000 to pay the bet of the vanishing bettor.

I have also talked to Engr. Ed Arellano – President of the Eastern Visayas Gamefowl Breeders Association and his Vice President Cholo Franco who were both contacted by a guy who introduced himself as Nelson Tee or Nelson Ty. They were luckier than the others though, but one of their colleagues was not.

I am calling on other victims to come out and tell their stories so that we can fully expose the activities of these swindlers.


Before there was the Barya-Barya style wherein coins will be dropped and when you bend forward to pick or help in picking the coins, then pickpockets go for the kill. These are usually done inside buses.

Nowadays, there is now what is called Dura-Dura.

Inside a jeepney, a person seating beside you or in front of you will suddenly tell you that you have dura or saliva on your back, r that a street kid had spit on you and you have saliva on your back. The truth is, the one beside you will spit on his hand and put the saliva on your back without you knowing it.

Of course, your immediate reaction is to bend your body and look at your back, especially when you’re on your way to work or school, just after you took a bath and put on your uniform or your best attire.

There are usually one or two other accomplices…two seating on your left and right side and one in front of you.

After having been told that you have saliva on your back, another will pretend to be helping you wipe out the saliva. He or she might even offer tissue papers.

Once the crime is done, the three criminals will alight the jeepney altogether and then you will find out that some or all of your valuables are missing.

Beware of these criminals. Our printer and my son RJ are just two of their many victims.


Thank you again to the sabungeros of Leyte and Samar with whom I have brushed elbows with during the past one week. There were Congressman Dodong Codilla and his political heir apparent Winnie Codilla who is probably has already cleared his way to Congress after his supposed rival actor Richard Gomez was disqualified; Vice Mayor Chua of Tacloban; soon-to-be councilor Robert Yap; the Mayor of Hinobangan town; Joey Tacoy and Bernie Tacoy, but most especially to the mass-based wide-eyed cockers of Ormoc City, Tacloban City and Calbayog who attended the BGT CUP Seminars.

Mabuhay po kayo.

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