Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bexan Warriors Dominate Araw ng Dabaw Derby

Bexan Warriors Dominate Araw ng Dabaw Derby

There were 192 and then there were only 3.

Coming from three different cities, Bexan Warriors Dr. Ruel Manungas of Tagum in Davao Del Norte; James Ang from Cebu and highly-respected Congressman Dodong Codilla of Ormoc all scored six perfect wins to dominate the 192-entry P8 million 2010 Araw ng Dabaw Annual 6-Cock Derby.

The 4-day event hosted by Sammy Uy and Dorie, sponsored by Thunderbird is regarded as the biggest and most prestigious cockfighting event in Mindanao and is participated by the biggest names in Philippine cockfighting.

Cong. Codilla – the first to emerge victorious proudly reported that the birds he fought composed of Sweater crossers, Ormoc Gold and Bulik are breeding of his son Winnie.

Thunderbird Winning Team member and Ormoc Gold Breeder Bernie Tacoy who was also competing in the said derby who suffered an upset in his 4th fight that gave him his only loss, was given the honor to award the trophy to his godfather and mentor Cong. Dodong Codilla (Golden Yakal).

The second 6-0 win-loss slater was Cebuano cocker James Ang – a good friend of Inilog (Tukaan) host Doc Hanzie Dal – himself a multi-awarded breeder.

Completing the grand slam for the Thunderbird Bexan Warriors is Dr, Ruel Manungas of Tagum who fought Kelso-Roundhead & Kelso-Sweater crosses.

In an interview over Sabong TV, he was asked why the name of his entry is B-Warriors. “It’s because of 5 Bs. My children Beatriz, Bridgette, Bernadette and Benjamin” , he said. “And of course, Bexan”, he added.

Dr. Ruel Manungas, a dentist, bred and trained his roosters with assistants Ivan & Rudy and with the expert knife-tying of gaffers Joy Lopez & Dodong.

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