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CARREO by Rolando S. Luzong

Peoples Tonight (February 13, 2010)


Seminars in Leyte & Samar

All cockers and breeders of Leyte and Samar, especially those who have not tried derby fighting yet, will get the chance to learn everything about conditioning of a fightingcock when three consecutive seminars are held in m key cities of the two provinces this month.

Said series of seminars will be held on a) February 20 – 8am to 12noon - Hotel Don Felife, Inaki A. Larrazabal Blvd., Ormoc City; b) February 21 8am – 12noon at the Ritz Tower de Leyte, Real St. Tacloban, Leyte; and on February 23 8am-12noon at the Socio Cultural Center, Northwest Samar State University (NWSSU) Calbayog City.

All who are interested to join are advised to text their name, address and preferred of seminar to Rey Bimbao at 0928-5500951. To enter the seminar, a participant must submit three (3) empty blister packs of Vetracin Gold Caps.

Thunderbird endorser Bernie Tacoy will lecture on all aspects of conditioning including harvesting of stags, cording and stag fighting.

Valuable prizes including Ormoc Gold gamefowls will be raffled to the participants.



Reigning Bakbakan 10-Stag National Derby champion and newly-crowned 2010 World Slasher Cup solo champion Engr. Sonnie Magtibay recently made official his entry as one of the Thunderbird Winning Team stalwarts after a contract signing in his conditioning farm in San Pablo City witnessed by his wife and farm manager Precy (a professor at Rizal Technological University in Mandaluyong), Thunderbird Product Manager Francis Martinez; Thunderbird Technical Department Manager Dr. Elcid Paraso; Thunderbird Consultant Rolando Luzong the RM Red Cobra Game Farm personnel.

Magtibay stated that it was an honor for him to be lined up with such cocking greats as Engr. Sonny Lagon, Dicky Lim, Boy Marzo, Jesry Palmares, Otec Geroso and the other members of the Thunderbird Winning Team. He added that it was not hard for him to make the decision to jump on board considering that he has been using Thunderbird products since he started into cockfighting, particularly Thunderbird Bexan XP.


A lot of cockers are unaware of these, so, may I give way to my idol, the late Angel Lansang who in the 60s came out with the book Cockfighting in the
Philippines. Here is one chapter of the book that is as timely now as when it was first written;

“ A cock’s code of conduct”

Cock’s are well-disciplined lot, observing good and right conduct in the following manner :

1.Barring accidents, they do not peck at each other’s eyes even if they keep on fighting the whole day. This is sportsmanship on the part of the cocks. What
about men?

2. A cock will never hit while the opponent is in the process of moving his bowels. Try to verify this fact

3. A cock will not relieve itself while being held in hand but the moment he is set down the ground he will do so at once. Good etiquette. After one or two hours
of traveling, put him down in the ground and in a minute he will move his bowels and flap his wings for the needed relief and rest.

4. At the sight of the morsel of food or any kind of insect, he will call for the opposite sex to share it with her. Noble breed and gallantry. Men do this, too.

5. Birds communicate to each other any impending trouble and danger by a loud cackle and this signal is relayed to all of their kind in far surrounding places, in a natural spirit of mutual cooperation.

6. All birds sleep early at sundown but get easily awaken by the slightest noise, movement or sight. They comply to a strict discipline; so don’t disturb your ace fighter at night when preparing for an important fight.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY AND HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE…beware of explosions and eruptions, both loud and inaudible that will be happening today.

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