Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Candelaria Derby Champion

Guimaras Breeder Wins 2010

Candelaria Derby, Solo

Famous for its internationally-craved mangoes, Guimaras Island is set to be known for another thing – fine fightingcocks, brought about by the solo conquest of the entry Bests of Jaguar of the 2010 Annual Candelaria 7-Cock International Derby held from January 28 to February 2 at the Iloilo Coliseum in Jaro, Iloilo City.

Bests of Jaguar ( a name given by the financer Laña Brothers) drew his first fight against F. Ramirez & Al Buyco’s Pete Baclig Tribute, then went on to win the next six matches for a total unmatched score of 6.5 points to outclass 164 other entries.

Coming in with 3.5 points in the finals, the champion entry disposed of LDS Sambag (Ronald Gallenero & M. Aguisanda); Ragamak (Noel Hingpit & Capt. Espinosa) and AMY Red Baron of Freddie Yulo.

The birds are owned and bred by the Dela Peña brothers (Freddie, Donald, Jun and Zeus who just passed the Nursing Board Exam), although Jun was quick to say that it’s actually Donald who is the breeder.

A trusting user of Thunderbird Platinum and Thunderbird Bexan XP over the past ten years, the Dela Peña Brothers are known for their regular entry name ALGUIM which is short for Bgy. Alagisoc, Guimaras where they were born and raised.

The champion’s handler is the brother’s cousin Agustin Flores, while their gaffer is Jerson Laña.

Best of Jaguar fielded 4 white-legged fighters which are three-way crosses composed of Kelso, Sweater & Roundhead; 2 Blue-Faced McLean Hatches and a old-feathered rooster which they call Golden Bird.

The Dela Peña’s have been breeding gamebirds for 25 years and as far as ten years ago have planned out their conquest of the Candelaria for which they succeeded on their first try.

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