Wednesday, December 9, 2009


CARREO by Rolando S. Luzong

Peoples Tonight (December 9, 2009)


If there are any other persons as evil as the perpetrators in the gruesome Maguindanao Massacre, they are the chicken peddlers in the internet because what they do to new, young, innocent and trusting rooster buyers are nothing short of murder.

Imagine posting photos of beautiful roosters or hens that they took from another man’s farm then describing the birds as though they were his own and that they are invincible, that they are good cutters, powerful, high-breakers and so on and so forth; that they have won multiple times already or that they belong to a popular strain of fightingcocks. In fact they are so good in their evil trade that a non-suspecting cocker will be convinced that he is passing a great opportunity if he will not buy the rooster being offered considering the unbelievably low price tag of say, P3,5000 to a picture cock that looks like P8,000 – P10,000.

I have been hearing about these things, but I was not aware of how bad these internet chicken peddlers are, until I talked recently to one of the victims. The young guy who is a singer and stage actor saves his hard-earned money to be able to buy good breeding stocks and his experience with an internet chicken peddler who calls himself “warhorse” is something that is truly condemnable.

In addition to the grave misrepresentation, “warhorse” who seemed to have perfected his game is so sinister that whenever one would contact him to express interest in his merchandise, he would say that he is sorry because he had decided not to sell the rooster anymore and that he will just use bird as a broodcock because he was really so good. That ploy will erase the low price tag of course because the subject rooster is not for sale anymore. However, after a day or two, he will call back the interested buyer and tell him that he is in a cockpit and that he is losing and because he needed money he will just let go of the subject rooster if the money (double the posted price) can be delivered to him right away.

Of course, an innocent buyer, thinking it was the chance of a lifetime will run to deliver the money, upon receiving the payment, “warhorse” will tell his victim to just proceed to his so-so farm and pick-up the rooster from his farmhand because he still has some fights left.

The buyer, thinking he had hit a jackpot, rushes to pick up his broodcock. Excited, he would briefly look at what he purchased then immediately heads home where he will open his computer and compare what he got to what was posted in the internet.

Convinced that he had been duped, he would call “warhorse”, but the peddler will insist that the buyer got the same chicken that was posted in the internet.

I remember now that years ago, a lady cocker already brought to my attention what “warhorse” was doing, but that time she and her group were just suspecting something sinister was going on.

Today, we can just imagine how many had been victimized by “warhorse” since that time, which was at the least five years ago.

With the very strong karma in sabong, I wonder what sort of tragedy will befall this so-called “warhorse” in the future.


The Rizal Gamefowl Breeders Association, Batangas Breeders Club, Kapampangan Gamefowl Breeders Association, United Cavite Breeders Association, Gamefowl Breeders Association of Pangasinan, Gamefowl Breeders Association of Tarlac, Tarlac Gamefowl Breeders Association and the Bicol Gamefowl Breeders Association have challenged each other to a face-off.

Dubbed as the firstt-ever Central & South Luzon 6-Stag Ubusan Derby, the derby’s last elimination event and championship is set at the Araneta Coliseum on December 15 & 17, respectively.

Prizes are P1,000,000 to the champion; P100,000 to the runner-up; P300,000 for any 5 points; P500,000 for any 4 points; P70,000 for the champion handler and P30,000 for the champion gaffer for a P2 million guaranteed cash prize. Entry fee is P6,600.


Let me remind all the Cebuano cockers that the scheduled 2009 NFGB PRESIDENTS CUP 8-STAG DERBY set at Talisay Cockpit on Saturday, December 12 is an event that you should not miss.

The stags to be fought by the Cagayan Valley Gamefowl Breeders Ass’n and the Viscaya Ifugao Gamefowl Breeders Ass’n has been in Cebu since three weeks ago. Even Basilan has an entry. Bernie Tacoy and his Ormoc Gold will represent Eastern Visayas, while, Sonny Lagon will be fighting for the Laguna Gamefowl Breeders Association.

Will the new champions Batangas Breeders Club and the Laguna Breeders make it two in a row?

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