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CARREO by Rolando S. Luzong

Peoples Tonight (Sunday, December 6, 2009)


The recently concluded 2009 Bakbakan National 10-Stag Derby turned out as it was expected to be, a record-breaker.

A total of 2,417 entries saw action which smashed last year’s 2,207 record. Out of this huge number, only 33 entries with perfect scores of 6 wins each and 20 with 5.5 points each was able to qualify for the grand finals. Out of the 33 6-pointers no one was able to win all four grand finals assignments for a perfect score of 10 points. Instead, only two entries split the title with top scores of 9.5 points.

For the first time, the two champions Red Cobra of Engr. Sonny Magtibay & Boy Tanyag and Igae Bagwis of Ireneo Andal both came from the Southern Tagalog Region. The first is a member of the Laguna Gamefowl Breeders Association, while the latter represented the Batangas Breeders Club.

With the enormous success of the 2-month epic derby, the National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders is now poised to deliver their commitment of building school buildings or school rooms.

Again, this column Carreo is bowing its head in recognition of the achievements that the NFGB has reached and also in respect to the NFGB’s ideals, dedication and commitment for the betterment of Philippine cockfighting.


Now that the National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders is enjoying the respect and admiration of the sabong community, this umbrella organization of 29 rooster-raisers’ groups all over he country now has the informal authority to make its suggestions or exercise its influence for the revision of laws and government policies on cockfighting and gamefowl breeding.

For one, the NFGB should look into the possibility urging the government to put NATIONAL COCKFIGHTING AGENCY that will work for the standardization of cockfighting (hackfights, fastest win contest and derbies) rules and regulations, so that the a cocker from Cagayan province can fight in Zamboanga without having to understand the local regulations.

The NFGB can actually come up with a comprehensive rule on cockfighting that will be based on their commitment of PATAS, MAGALING, MARANGAL.

The NATIONAL COCKFIGHTING AGENCY must also be a licensing office for key cockpit personnel such as the sentenciador (referees), kristo (bet-takers), mananari (gaffer) and handlers, as well as llamadors and pit managers.

A license will professionalize their craft and will give them credibility and acceptance. This will also help in ridding their ranks of misfits and undesirables.

Today, a sentenciador who commits a violation or intentionally favor a competitor by cheating the carreo or judging process is usually kicked out and suspended from working again in the cockpit where the irregularity was committed. The sad thing is he would just go to another cockpit in another town where he will offer his services and be able to continue his job.

With the license, a sentenciador, kristo, mananari et al will be like a professional driver who will not be allowed to drive if his license gets confiscated or if he had been issued a suspension.

The Games & Amusement Board’s authority over cockfighting is only in the monitoring of international derbies. With the surplus personnel that GAB inherited from the former Philippine Gamefowl Commission, an expansion of their function will not be much of an additional expense for the government.

GOODBYE MAXXI – Yours truly is in one with all the officers and employees of the Unilab and Univet Nutrition & Animal Healthcare Company (UNAHCO) makers of Thunderbird Power Feeds and Thunderbird Power Vet in praying for the eternal repose of the soul of one our co-employee Maxxi Abrina who passed away last Friday.

To the Abrina Family and the ones that Maxxi left behind, lubos pong nakikiramay ang inyong lingkod at ang column na Carreo.

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