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CARREO by Rolando S. Luzong
Peoples Tonight (Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2009)


Despite our pronouncements in Bantay-Sabong about the moves of the animal rights activists here who are out to poison the minds of our youth and the next generation of Filipinos about sabong, it is sad to admit that there are still some long-isolated people who believe that what we are professing are just products of our imagination. Some even go to the extent that we are out to make money or gain politically and that we are just using the anti-cockfighting issue.
Well, just to strengthen our conviction, here’s another report about the actions of those who wants to end sabong, told by Glenn Lim of Cebu who is incidentally is the President of the United Gamecock Breeders Federation.

My son who is in 2nd year high school told me that they had a guest speaker in their class preaching healthy eating (vegetarian diet) and preaching the rights of animals and pets.

He asked me…Dad, isn’t what you are doing being cruel? My answer…son, if society has solved the problems of child labor, drug addiction, genocide is Africa, Cambodia and Serbia…then and only then will I even consider answering your question…because I believe in the welfare of people first before animals

Then I asked him…so, are you going to hate me now because some misdirected person has told you that cockfighting is cruel???

It took my son, a few seconds to answer my question…but it was an eerie and scary moment. Of course he said NO, but a couple more visits from these weirdos and I might have a son that hates his father for the wrong reasons.

Guys, think about this long and deep…LETS DO SOMETHING NOW
During the 70s, cock derbies were being held at the Madison Square Garden in New York. Just more than 30 years after, cockfighting has been declared illegal all over America.

If it took the Humane Society of the United States and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to do in 30 years, at a time when there were no internets, cellphones or even cable tv, I think if we will not move now, they’ll be able to do it here in 10 to 20 years which is just enough for them to completely poison the minds of our sons and daughters who will later on will turn against us or will actually tell us to stop fighting roosters.


As the founder of Bantay-Sabong, I was approached by Nid Anima of Alyansa Sabungero for support and I have decided that it is best to help him in his endeavor considering that I have been trying to have my voice heard regarding the advocacy of Bantay-Sabong, but, things are still moving on a snail pace because of a lot of limitations.

Together with Nid, we have drafted these things as the objective of Alyansa Sabungero :

ALYANSA SABUNGERO, is a party list representing all sectors of cockfighting and gamefowl breeding in the Philippines, enumerated as follows : cockpit owners, cockpit operators, promoters, derby hosts, gamefowl breeders, cockfighters, gamefowl supply store owners and employees; gamefowl feeds and vetmed and all the sabungeros in the Philippines.

ALYANSA SABUNGERO aims for a law or a proclamation that will declare Sabong as a cultural heritage (Pamana ng Lahi) that shall never be stopped or abolished by any Executive Order or an act of Congress in the future.

ALYANSA SABUNGERO aims to encourage the government to come up with, and implement programs for the promotion of gamefowl breeding as an alternative means of livelihood and Sabong as an spectator sport and a unique tourist attraction (like bullfighting in Spain & Mexico) that can be a good source of revenues for the country.

ALYANSA SABUNGERO aims for a respectable compensation, security of tenure and better working condition for cockpit and gamefarm personnel.

ALYANSA SABUNGERO aims for a National Licensing Agency for key cockpit workers such as sentenciadors, llamadors, mananari (gaffers) and mangagagamot, as well for the licensure of derby promoters and cockpit operators.

ALYANSA SABUNGERO aims for a Standardization of Cockfighting Rules and Regulations that will be implemented in all the cockpits all over the country.

ALYANSA SABUNGERO aims for a strict law that will guard and penalize bet welchers (igtad or mananabit); maniniyope; cheaters specially in breeder’s association-hosted stag derbies; issuers of bad checks; as well as derby hosts and promoters that don’t pay the full guaranteed prizes in their promotions (cash or otherwise).

ALYANSA SABUNGERO aims for a law that will protect cockpit owners and cockpit operators from political harassments and unfair trade practice and competition, that will put a stop to political blackmails and persecutions.

ALYANSA SABUNGERO aims for a comprehensive health program for gamefowls and gamefarm workers such as vaccination system and contingency measures against diseases and viruses that threaten the gamefowl industry such as bird flu and swine flu.

ALYANSA SABUNGERO aims for a National Sabong Library & Museum for the recording and preservation of Sabong as a unique part of Filpino culture and heritage.
Happy birthday to my good friends Princess Naldo last week and to Dr. Rex “Broda” Iwuanyanwu last Sunday.

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