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Peoples Tonight (Saturday – August 29, 2009)

Improved Centralized Computer Matching

for 2009 Bakbakan

During its Board Meeting last three weeks ago, the National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders thru its Executive Director Arnel Añonuevo announced “that a more refined and more strict NFGB centralized computer matching system will be implemented to ensure the authenticity of all stags that will be fielded in the forthcoming Bakbakan 2009, as well as assure that each and every entry will get a fair and equal chance to win”.

According to NFGB, for all the provincial and regional eliminations and semis events, registration of entries including weights and wing band numbers of stags to be fought are submitted locally. All these data will then be emailed to the NFGB main office for computer matching.

The matched program will then be emailed back to the local associations for sequencing. The member-associations are given the sequencing privilege to allow them to place high-stakes matches on prime time when there are an abundance of tahors who can make pagos. This is to maximize the plazada on center bets, which is 10% of the total take of the winner in a particular match.

“They know more who the big bettors are, so they are in a better position to arrange the sequencing of fights”, NFGB reported.

In addition, local events are monitored by a duly assigned NFGB Derby Supervisor from a different local chapter. He oversees the counterchecking of wing-bands and physical attributes and proper leg-banding of each stag entered as confirmation of its legitimacy. He also records the result of every fight, collate them and at the end of the derby have the official score sheet signed by him with the confirmation of the local association president. The scores are transmitted to NFGB office for proper recording.

“From wing-banding up to the time a stag is fought, every stage is duly monitored, so that each bird that was banded in April is the same bird that is fought several months later in October, November or in case they are fought in the finals on December 1 or 3” Añonuevo added.

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The movie Sabungero – awaited by millions of sabungeros nationwide will at last hold its premier on September 27 at the Gateway Mall at the SM Megamall, as announced by its producer JC Bernardo – owner of the most popular cockfighting website in the world wide web,

“It will be 3:00 p.m. at Megamall and 7:00 p.m. at Gateway” Bernardo announced.

Through the generosity of Thunderbird Bexan XP, the movie will also have sceial runs at SM Malls in Lipa, Quezon, Pampanga, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro on September 29, 2009.

The movie stars Joel Torre in the lead role with Maritoni Fernandez, Leo Martinez, Ricky Davao, Robert Arevalo and child prodigy Timothy Mark.

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