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Congratulations to Pao Malvar on his second consecutive, back-to-back (2008& 2009) championship victory in the UGBA Heritage Cup 9-Bullstag Derby.

He won his second championship during last Thursdays 3-bullstag finals.

Pao fielded one pure Sweater and 8 Sweater-Gilmore cross with the famous handler Ateng doing the conditioniing and pointing chores and Noli Estrellado tying the knife.

Pao is one of Thunderbird's powerhouse endorsers.


Pao Malvar's 1st Hertitage Cup story - April 2008


The minute he won the solo championship of the United Gamecock Breeders Association’s 2008 Heritage Up 9-Bullstag Derby last April 29, Pao Malvar called up his “Lolo U” (Esting Teopaco) to invite the highly-respected cocker-breeder of the Stinger fame to come and join him in

Araneta Coliseum wherein the finals was being held.

The old man’s reply was. “Hindi na. Araw mo ‘yan. Manok mo na ‘yan (No need. It’s your day. They are already you’re birds).

However, the celebration seemed to be not complete without his mentor, so, Pao sought the help of his Lola and in minutes the great Stinger himself was posing for Larga with his protégé at the Big Dome, sharing with his grandson what most gamefowl breeders would consider a victory of a lifetime.

Yes, Pao Malvar has earned a name for himself, thereby continuing a legacy and ushering the re-emergence of Luisita breeds of gamebirds that made cocking history from the 70s to the 90s capped with three World Slasher Cup championships.


With the victory, Pao may have found the nick combination after only four years since he first started to follow the footsteps of his Lolo Esting and of course Lolo Peping (Cojuangco).

Using mainly Dink Fair Sweaters acquired from the RED Game Farm of Raffy Campos & Edwin Arañez, Pao has produced some of the most “lethal line of fightingcocks in today’s competition” as observed by an aficionado who was able to follow Pao’s epic success.

“I crossed them with Bruce (Barnett), Kearneys (Whitehackle), Gilmores and Whites”, Pao revealed.


With the help of trusted handler Niño Yee and farm manager Christian Talon, Pao selected 24 birds from his remaining stags last year. Luckily, 17 out of the 24 shed their original feathers and by December of 2007 they have gone trough their first moulting and were sporting fresh plumage.

“Malaking bagay na nakapagbihis sila” (It’s a big plus that most of them have change feathers), Pao exclaimed.

“Halos lahat ng manok namin sinisilip ng kalaban”, Niño stated. Adding that they can not blame them because 8 out 9 that won the championship for their Sunhaven Stinger entry have already finished moulting.

It was observed that most of the top finishers in this year’s Heritage Cup have fielded fully-moulted birds.


The quest started last April 8, when they entered the 3-bullstag elimination in Araneta Coliseum, with a 3-0 sweep. Two of the three winners were without a scratch.

In the 1st match, they fought a Grey (Dink/Grey Stinger line from Boy Jiao); the 2nd was a ¾ Sweater-1/4 Gilmore and the 3rd was Kearney from RED/Sweater cross.

After their semi-final campaign in San Juan Coliseum wherein the three birds they fought all receive burst of applause and cheers from the crowd, it was already being predicted that they will sweep the finals.

In the semis, they unleashed a rooster (4th fight) out a Sonny Lagon broodcock (a gift to his Lolo) and Dink from RED. The 5th was a Dink Fair-Bruce Barnett Left-Out cross and the 6th was a Sweater/Allen Hinds Roundhead.

“The fourth was our best fight. It was finished in 8 seconds”, Pao & Niño agreed.

Came the championship, they fought a (7th) Bruce/White cross; a (8th) Dink-Bruce all-sweater cross and a son of a broodcock from Al Garcia over a Dink fair hen.

It was do-or-die on the final match with Sunhaven Stinger going up against Alex Tang’s Silverbuck entry. Pao’s bet was already standing champion going for nine points and solo victory, while, Tang’s was shooting for 8 points and a share of the championship with several others.

But Pao’s fate was already sealed.


With the prize money, Pao will be implementing improvements in his farm’s f

acilities and would go back to the United States in September to acquire more breeding stocks.

“Siyempre, yung mga natalo, magpapalit ng palahi ‘yan. Para sa akin, kahit nanalo kami, kailangan din na mag-infuse kami o sumubok ng mga bagong linyada”, Pao explained.

He expressed his disappointment that he was only able to produce 450 heads last year. He now plans to come up with 200 off-season stags more and probably 700 come breeding season.

Finally, Pao said he could never done it without the cooperation and dedication of his farmhands, especially Niño & Christian and master knifeman Jing Lecaros.

Asked how he felt the moment he won the championship, Pao admitted “Unbelievable. Parang nakalutang sa hangin”

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