Thursday, August 26, 2010

150 Entries Listed for Roligon’s P1.5M Stagfest Derby

150 Entries Listed for Roligon’s P1.5M Stagfest Derby

Two weeks before fight time, 150 entries have already confirmed their participation in the forthcoming Stagfest 2010 5-Stag Derby set on September 9, 11, 14 & 16 at the new Roligon Mega Cockpit in Tambo, Parañaque City.

Hosted by Dennis Ligon and assisted by Lando Luzong (with Fred Canumay, Willy Villaruz & Nestor Paradillo), the 4-day event is again exclusively sponsored by Thunderbird Power Feeds.

A guaranteed cash prize of P1,500,00 is at stake with the entry fee pegged at P9,900 and a minimum bet requirement of P4,400.

There will be three separate 2-stag elimination days on Sept. 9, 11 & 14 with a Day Champion’s Prize of P50,000 at stake for each day. The 3-stag championship is on Sept. 16 with a champion’s prize of P1,000,000

The stags that can be fought in Stagfest 2010 are only those banded by any association affiliated with the NFGB (CVGBA, VIGBA, UNIGBA, LUGBA, GBAP, NEGBA, TAGBA, GBAT, KGBA, BCBA, ZABONG, BGBA, RGBA, MMGBA, UCBA, LAGBA, BBC, QCBA, BIGBA, GPGBI, PAGBA, NGBA, GFBAN, CVBA, GBAB, MIGBA, NMGBA, SGBA, ZGBA, ZNGBA etc.) or UGBA (LGBA, PGBA, GB-ONE, QGBA, CEGBA, UBBGA etc..) for the 2010 stag season

For the Sept. 9-opener, listed are : Square B Farm, Joey Hidalgo, Romano Pedroche. Boy Marzo, Joey Sy, Sonnie Magtibay, Dr. Boy Tuazon, Engr. Sonny Lagon, Leandro Gonedo, Pep Goitia, ARM, Tino Ferrer, Mr. Bocboc, Juan Jordana, Ruel Diaz, MangoSheik, Engr. Parungao. Buena-Aqui; for Sept. 11 :  Joey Hidalgo, The Jackal, Wilvin Sy, Engr, Almuete, Edwin Monton, Cong. Lawrence Wacnang, VFRT Ibayo King, Doc JBT, Spartans Farm, MGC Farm, Ronald Barandino, Atty. Art de Castro and Berdugo ng Batangas (Ebok Alah Eh); Sept. 14 :  Zamboanga Group, Dennis Abbatuan, Otec Geroso, Victor Sierra, Bebot Monsanto, Mayor Cito Alberto, Vic Setias & the Palawan group, and on Sept. 16 – Oscar California, Bong & Jodie, B. Joson, Edwin & Monching Monton, Otec Geroso. Bonster, Bong Gazmen, Engr. Tagibao, Sabungero-Pinoy, Jesaco Tolits, Marcu del Rosario, SVF-BLARS/Bobby Rosales, Excel Iron Claw/Jeb Gayanelo and Bobot Cimagala & Elmer Baccus of Bohol.

For inquiries and reservation of cockhouses, text or call : 851-2275; 853-1638; Lando Luzong–09173504333; Nestor P.–09108966458; Willy V.– 09298465360; Shirly – 09209509090; Tiling – 09284965005; Mario Tari – 09084320829.

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