Sunday, July 4, 2010

Koreans Eat Dog; Filipinos Fight Roosters

CARREO by Rolando S. Luzong
Peoples Tonight (July 3, 2010)

Koreans Eat Dog; Filipinos Fight Roosters

All over the internet is the fact that Koreans eat dog, maybe that’s why there are so many Koreans in Baguio City. Even the animal rights website reports that 10 percent of Koreans or roughly 3 million people eat dog meat.

Question : Why are the animal rights activists such the PETA and the HSPCA training their guns and pouring their resources in the Philippines spreading black propaganda against sabong or cockfighting?

Answer : Because Korea is an advanced country and an economic giant that it will be hard to say that they are barbaric because they eat dog meat, unlike here in the Philippines wherein they could argue that the reason why we are still considered just more than a third world nation is because we are a cruel people considering that we fight roosters or ‘we make roosters fight’ as they would contend.

To all those who are spending money; organizing rallies and putting up websites to make sabong look bad, why not use your money to buy food for the hungry instead.

The sabungeros in the Philippines are far more civilized than most of these PETA supporters who bare their naked bodies just to get the public’s attention. Go to hell where the ‘animals’ are.
New Marikina Mayor Del de Guzman ushers a friendly and better
regime for Marikina. In this photo are Chief Justice Renato Corona
who administered the oath of office and Rolando Luzong - a good
friend of De Guzman.

I was glad I attended the oath-taking of the new local officials of Marikina City last Thursday. The mood was very festive and friendly which befits the theme “Tao Naman”.

The new chief executive Mayor Del de Guzman and his next in command Vice Mayor Cadiz mingled with the people without reservation and with no semblance of “plasticity”.

Everyone who requested for a photo op with the Mayor got their pictures taken whether with a P60,000-worth DSLR camera or with a pirated I-phone from China.

There were some 5,000 occupied chairs around the city hall grounds with more standing, while, food distribution centers were strategically put up on all corners.

At last, a friendly atmosphere is felt again around the Marikina City hall.

I was observing Mayor Del throughout the celebration trying to find even a speck of ‘kayabangan’ and ‘kaplastikan’ on him, but, he simply authentic and humble to the bones that his shyness overtook the rest of him most of the time.

Mabuhay ka Mayor Del. Good luck to your new assignment.

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