Monday, August 10, 2009

Bakbakan 2009 Derby Stakes P30M Prize Purse

The 2009 Annual Bakbakan National 10-Stag Derby is back into its record-breaking way again as its host - the National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders (NFGB) dangles a historic guaranteed cash prize of P30,000,000 – the biggest prize purse ever in Philippine cockfighting.

The champion’s prize is a whopping P15 million. All entries who will be able to score a 3 wins (3 points) in the elimination round will share in the “first-salvo blowout” of four million peso (P4,000,000) while those entries who have already scored the perfect 3 wins in the elims and continue to score another perfect 3 wins in the semi-final round, for an over-all score of 6 wins before entering the finals,will share in the “finalists prize” of two million-pesos(P2,000,000). Last year, only 15 entries were undefeated and have posted six points each going into the finals.

For “any 7 points” – P4 million; for “any 8 points” – P2.5 million; for “any 9 points” – P1.5 million; for the overall runner-up finisher, prize is P500,000, while the champion’s handler and champion’s gaffer prizes are P400,000 and P100,000, respectively. Entry fee is P15,000.

Bakbakan is the Filipino breeders' derby and through the years we have made sure and have put in place a proven system that ensure fairness and equal winning chance for every participant”, stated Batac, Ilocos Norte Mayor Jess Nalupta who is NFGB’s Vice President for North Luzon.

Wingband numbers and legitimacy of stags fielded are duly authenticated by double checking with our records and not just by the basis of the breeder’s screening receipt”, Freddie Yulo - one of NFGB’s founding director, proudly announced. "all derbies are computer-matched and supervised by our well trained working committees" he adds!

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