Sunday, November 4, 2007


6 Kinds of Cockers

1) Beginners : Of which there are two types. A - One type knows he doesn’t know much and wants to learn – he keeps on trying and learning to improve. B – The other type becomes an overnight success and stops learning.

2) Novices : Knows more than a beginner, keeps looking for better and simple methods; most cockers never understand when to stop looking after they find the best method for them. Fact is, most cockers never go beyond this point.

3) Novice Old-timer : Knows more than beginner and novices. Problem is he is a self-styled expert in general terms. He knows a lot, but, in the past he always had a good breeder or handler that was the real cockers. Even after 30 or 40 years he is not much more advanced than the second type of beginners. And he is the type that always use to win.

4) Expert : A winning cocker both now and in the past. But slowing down and not winning as in the past. Absolutely won’t listen to anyone or anything new or improved. Always looks down at beginners. Will not help or aid in anyway. Always negative towards newcomers. Tells newcomers enough to develop trust, usually slips enough bad information to keep beginners or novices from becoming competitive.

5) Progressive Cocker : Unique cocker – expert judge of birds. Natural cocker. Understand firmness, reads, listens, experiments on all information available from all sources, both new and old-timers alike. But, withholds special info until totally convinced of trustworthiness and dedication of person being helped.

6) True Cockers : Honest, dedicated, gentleman in and out of the pit. A true sportsman in all aspects; win, lose or draw. Will give constructive criticism when asked and aid in suggestions. He has an open mind, good judgment and keep up with the times. The true cocker knows his limitations and has all the progressive abilities. Tries to promote cocking honestly and raises cocking to a higher standard. He is truly the eight wonder of the world.

The question is which Cocker are you?

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